Complete Eyebrow Tattoo - $570

Not all faces are the same so I do not use eyebrow stencils, this ensures you will have the perfect eyebrow shape best suited for your unique features. I guarantee no red undertones and a process as pain-free as possible with professional numbing anesthetic application. I also accept clients who have an existing eyebrow tattoo that needs to be fixed. Please book your free consultation to discuss the best options for you and get your eyebrows looking how you want.

Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattoo in Calgary, ABThe Process

"Feather Touch" tattooing is a revolutionary technique that creates natural, feathery hair strokes with permanent make-up. Sparse eyebrows and gaps in between hair can be beautifully filled in with the appropriate shade for any hair colour and skin tone. This unique tool is designed to create dimension in the brows, rather than solid colour application, for more natural and authentic look! When you come in for your appointment, we start by what was initially discussed at the consultation and I begin the pencil drawing. Once you are 100% satisfied with the eyebrow shape, I apply anesthetic to numb your skin. The whole process lasts a couple of hours.

When the tattoo is finished, a tint that maximizes the color and definition in the brows is applied. The tint is easy to remove and can be removed by you at home after 24 hours. The healing process then begins and takes up to 2 weeks. Once the tattoo is healed, you may return for any additional touch-ups required.